Seven million died in the 'forgotten' holocaust
During the Holodomor, the only Western journalist allowed in the Ukraine was the New York Timesman, Walter Duranty, who was praised by Stalin for his 'truthful' reporting and was also a friend of the well known Satanist, Alistair Crowley.

When the records of the Holodomor began to be accessible in the West, the Canadian National Film Board and Stanford University collaborated on a documentary dealing with it. When it was finished, they presented it to ABC, NBC and CBS in the States and to the CBC in Canada. They all refused to air it. They then took it to PBS in the States. Same response.

At the time, William F. Buckley had a show on PBS called 'Firing Line'. He announced that he would air it and have a panel discussion following it. One of the panelists was Hedrick Smith who had been the Timesman in the USSR during the late 60s and early 70s. During the discussion, Buckley asked Smith if, knowing what had been revealed, The Times was willing to repudiate Duranty? Smith looked very uncomfortable, paused, and said, 'Well, I, personally repudiate him'. To this day, the NYT refuses to admit the truth. If you don't believe me, just google 'New York Times + Ukrainian Genocide'!

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