Canadian Anglicans vote to unite with Rome
(09-11-2011, 04:18 AM)Laetare Wrote: I'm wondering how this has actually progressed, since that blog post is 13 months old. As an "aesthetic Anglican" (attached to the English character by blood and by love), the local Traditional Anglican parish was very interesting to me as I went forward to be baptised Catholic. Since it was outside the Church during my process, though, I had to ignore it. They have a parish right here in my city:

If they were to be united with Rome (please God), what would a regular Latin Rite Catholic have to do to be able to attend that Mass/whatever they'll call it? Are they already united? The terminology is ambiguous on the homepage and I'm not sure of updates. I'd love to be able to go to an Anglican Use Mass, since it reminds me of home in this colonial wasteland of Novus Ordo rubbish (no offense to Canada or eastern Canadians, but sheesh it's dead out here).

EDIT: the blog post's ancient date led me to search around, finding this: - pray for the ACCC, that they may leave their days of schism behind. :D

You don't have to do anything special to attend the churches in the Anglican Ordinariate.  They are in communion with Rome and a part of the Latin Rite. 

And, DK it's sad to hear you don't trust HarlequinKing.  The Anglicans joining are Anglo-Catholics basically in the mold of C.S. Lewis.  They're joining in the church because they have realized the Episcopalian Church's stance on abortion, homosexuality, women priests has shown that Anglicanism is a false religion. 

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