Canadian Anglicans vote to unite with Rome
(09-11-2011, 01:45 PM)devotedknuckles Wrote: hk didnt convert with strings attached. as far as i know he converted period. c.s. lewis was a prod. and died a prod. a belfast prod to boot.. i dont repsect a man that saw the truth daily hitting him int he face yet refused it daily.
i have no plm with anglicans converting. i have a plm with backroom deals that came along with it.

There are negotiations going on with the SSPX and they are within the church.  I don't see a problem doing the same with Anglicans.  The Anglicans coming into the church seem far less problematic than most of the people we already have here. 

You're right C.S. Lewis frustratingly never made the leap to the Church despite the fact that he should have known better.  The reason I compared him to these guys to him is because they have made that realization. 

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