Canadian Anglicans vote to unite with Rome
C.S. Lewis was never an Anglo-Catholic. He was a solid, Low Church Anglican who was never able to shake His Church of Ireland roots and the Church of Ireland has never, to my knowledge, had an 'Oxford Movement' or 'Anglo-Catholic Revival'. It always was, and remains, much more 'protestant' than the Church of England. In fact, the anti-Catholic '39 Articles' weren't protestant enough for them, so they added three more making 42 to make them even more anti-Catholic.

Were he alive today, I'm sure he would be horrified at what the CofE and the official Anglican Communion have become, but rather than swimming the Tiber, I think he would probably join one of the Low Church, 'evangelical' split offs or one of the 'semi-schismatic' groups like the 'Southern Cone' or one of the other dioceses (such as Sydney, Australia where they now allow lay people to 'lead the Communion Service'!) which were represented in the Global Anglican Future Conference in 2008.


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