Canadian Anglicans vote to unite with Rome
I am a convert from Anglicanism. My only practising Anglican family members were old aunts of mine who were High Anglicans. Were it not for them, no relative of mine would even have mentioned Christianity for anything other than insult. I owe them much of my conversion. They are all dead now.

The Traditional Anglicans converting to Rome are converting to the Catholic Church, period. Their 'priests' must all be ordained, their bishops as well, they must all be catechized, etc. But make no mistake. These people are on your side, DK. They are a total asset to the Catholic Church, MUCH better than MANY current Catholic clergy and laity.

However, D.K, I totally agree with you about C.S. Lewis. And his former best friend, J.R.R. Tolkien was so amazed that a man such as Lewis refused to cross the Tiber, that in the end it practically ended their friendship. They remained cordial terms, but Tolkien was hurt, amazed and distressed by Lewis' Low Church loyalties.

When the pope made the distinction between "christian churches" on the one hand and mere "communities" on the other, he was indirectly pointing out his priorities: getting groups of people who understand the sacraments into the mainstream of the Catholic Church as soon as possible. This means the Traditional Anglicans, the SSPX, and eventually the Eastern Orthodox, who will be last and hardest to get in.

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