Canadian Anglicans vote to unite with Rome
(09-11-2011, 04:19 PM)Unum Sint Wrote: This makes no sense to me as I have read many of his books and the way he treats the Sacraments (even though in Anglicanism are null and void) he refers to them that would be completely alien to any type of low church Anglican of his time or even today. So he may have been a solid member of low church but he def did not held those believes.

I do not think you can hold a person accountable for his entire theological world view from one book. That is why I referred to the body of his work and not to "mere Christianity" which to me was more of a philosophical approach at the Christianity in general rather than a summary of Christian dogma.

Also I never said he was a high church Anglican or even an Anglo-Catholic though his views by the end of his life tend to lean very much on the Catholic view rather than the protestant one. I would say that Lewis was a person that much like Merton kinda goes off the rails in parts one because he simply did not know any better and the other because he got him self lost. All through history you have people like this specially when it comes to deal with with the Church and what it believes, you got Tertullian, Origen and the people that make Origen look bad which were his followers.

I was replying to a post in which he was defined as an Anglo-Catholic. However, I am a big fan of Lewis and I've read most of what he wrote fiction, theology, philosophy, literary criticism and many of his letters, etc. I came out of Anglo-Catholicism before the great liberal sweep turned it into a smells'n'bells refuge for unrepentant sodomites which, to a great extent it now is in the Anglican Communion, so I think I have some conception of what Lewis might have thought of Anglo-Catholicism. He was solidly orthodox in his Christology, but, honestly, in all my reading of him, I never got the feeling that he was particularly 'catholic'. The impression I got was that he was a typical Unionist Irish protestant. Loyal to the Crown, to the Establishment and to traditional 'English values', but in no way 'catholic'.

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