Canadian Anglicans vote to unite with Rome
CS Lewis was not very Catholic in his theology.  I have read most of what he had written that is still in print. 

For one thing, he wrote with a sledge hammer, and it would be very difficult to get an kind of fine detail for his thoughts on deep things from his apologetic writing.  Though he was very well educated in philosophy, he was rather intentionally imprecise when it came to making fine distinctions.  Like with the statement about statues, he chose to write so as to appease the largest market.  Mere Christianity was an attempt to make the case for Christian Theism in the most plane particulars.  Indifferentism is very understandable from a new convert, but is troubling from a seasoned apologist.

CS Lewis's lack of Catholic conversion, despite his rather clear belief in the supernatural, at times greatly strained his relationship JRR Tolkien.  CS Lewis even had fleeting interests in rather occult activities long after his conversion.

CS Lewis's apologetic material does have some real value for recent converts or for agnostics however.  His avoidance of detail actually becomes an asset of sorts.

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