Family Rosary Crusade - October 15th, 2011
Coming up in mid-October!  Hope to see everyone there who can make it -

Hehe, Fr. Apostoli seemed hopeful for 10-15 thousand, after the 550  thousand in 1961. At least he's realistic in seeing the decline. For those who can't attend, let's say a rosary merely for the intention that more than 20 thousand will attend! After that, the magnitude of such prayers can only create a grand front against Hell.  ;D
This will show how the faith in the San Francisco Bay Area has plummeted since 1961 (50 years ago , right before the Council)  550,000 showed up for a Rosary, i doubt that many attend mass in the entire 4 dioceses that make up the Bay Area today (San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose and the Santa Rosa Dioceses)

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