Tornielli: “Peace” agreement reached between Vatican and Lefebvrians
(09-15-2011, 11:59 AM)archdiocesan Wrote: A lot of people will get hung up on this:

a Catholic is required to comply “with religious submission of will and intellect” to the teachings that the Pope and College of Bishops “set when they exercise their authentic Magisterium”, even when they are not stated in a dogmatic fashion

but this is simply the traditional teaching of the Church, and is what you can find in any manual from before Vatican II. The important thing to remember is that it refers to when the Pope and College of Bishops

exercise their authentic Magisterium

and not, say, when they give an interview, or give a speech at a summit, or whatever.

Sounds like the same old, +40 year old crap - SSPX will not sign. This lie here is enough to call crap, crap: "Benedict XVI, who wishes to do everything in his power to achieve reconciliation,"

Written about 1928, well before anyone could imagine the Church would be in it's present crisis, it's interesting what this little PDF pamphlet:
The Doctrine and Proof of Papal Infallibility has to say about the pope.

"........for if the pope on one single occasion teaches heresy, how are we to be sure that he will not do so again? We are then in a position just as deplorable as that of the non-Catholic sects who have no ultimate authority to decide their controversies.


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