Tornielli: “Peace” agreement reached between Vatican and Lefebvrians
(09-15-2011, 02:11 PM)Vincentius Wrote:  Despite the way we envision how things are, the Church of Christ has NOT become invisible or has disappeared.  If Peter is not there, then where is Christ?  He lied to us.  This is not another venture into papalotry as some are wont to accuse.  I am not so fond of Peter now or those of recent memory, but the Holy Ghost is still in charge.  He knows what He is doing and we don't have to tell Him what we want Him to do.  That's the height of hypocrisy.

The way we envision how things are mean nothing. The fact that the Church is in a crisis is just the way it is no matter how we want to envision it.

The pope is in Rome, he is BXVI and outside of BXVI himself, no power on earth can change that. Christ did not lie to us. Nor did He promise us that we'd never have a bad pope or bad popes. I mean, wrong is wrong regardless of who is doing wrong - to them that know more, more is expected, no one ever expected the popes to turn modernist - but__ they__ did - along with the rest of the hierarchy.

That is real. Distasteful to say as all get out, but real non the less. The SSPX has been battling against the modernists for over 40 years now,  so what place do they hope to enjoy amongst the Judas'? Too many FEers seem to think that the SSPX should just sign "for fellowship" - as though under the circumstances, that were even a reason.

(09-15-2011, 02:11 PM)Vincentius Wrote: This is a good thing to happen to the SSPX. Didn't we all pray for it?  Hey, the door to the citadel is ajar.  Get your foot in and work things out from the inside.  You can't storm the Church from the outside.  History tells of those who have tried these 21 centuries of the Church's existence attest to that.  Those who tried never made it in, though it seems that it has happened these past 40 years, seeing what the conciliar hijackers have accomplished.  Pope Leo XIII's vision of Satan telling Christ he can destroy the Church and Christ saying to him, Go Ahead, has and is actually happening.  Are we just going to let them have their way?  The SSPX (and nobody else) can turn things around once reintegrated (or assimilated) and bring back Tradition and the authentic Magisterium.  In other words, once inside the citadel, they can start throwing the bums out the door.  The other traditional orders and societies are there to help clean out the mess.


Certainly we pray for it - but if there was any hope of kicking out the crooks from inside, FSSP would have already at least started that process +20 years ago - no? The reason they could not even begin to attempt to do that is because it does not work that way. The way it works is, once inside, you are with them - period.
No one can do anything from within because it is not a democracy. The hope for change absolutely must start from within - from the top, the pope. He is, after all, Peter and Christ's head on earth - it is he we depend on to clean up the mess.

He has not asked for help - from the news we get, he never even mentions that there are any problems, much less acknowledge there is a crisis - what do folks expect the SSPX to do when the only thing the pope does is offer a NO  olive branch? 

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