Tornielli: “Peace” agreement reached between Vatican and Lefebvrians
(09-16-2011, 01:30 PM)Stubborn Wrote: That begs the question.......why would anyone believe any thing that the NO taught?

Stubborn, the issue is not as clear-cut for the vast majority of people as it appears to be for you.  You show great arrogance in looking down on people who are sincerely trying to be faithful Catholics, insinuating that they are somehow stupid for trying to follow the visible Church.  This is a seriously confusing time; that's why it is a crisis.  Please don't act like you are better and smarter than those who with good faith and sincerity are trying to do the right thing.  I find it hard to imagine Christ casting someone into hell because they sincerely tried to follow the Pope and the Magisterium in a time of crisis.  It is a CRISIS, and a terrible one at that, when the Church herself becomes an obstacle to sanctity.  But we cannot fault well-intentioned faithful Catholics who are simply trying to do what the Church has taught:  follow the Pope and the Magisterium.  They may be wrong, but we shouldn't insinuate that they are stupid or faithless.  In the end, Christ may well have more mercy on them for trying to do the right thing and remaining humble than for those who put themselves above others.


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