Tornielli: “Peace” agreement reached between Vatican and Lefebvrians
(09-16-2011, 02:54 PM)Stubborn Wrote: If I cannot attend the NO because of what it is, then the same goes for the rest of you.

This is the arrogance of which I was speaking earlier.  You have no authority over the "rest of you" out there.  You can and should follow your conscience and do your best to understand the Church in this crisis and even convince others of your views, but you should draw the line at telling others that what is right for you in the crisis is also right for them.  You are no member of the Magisterium, traditional or otherwise.  You know that even in traditional circles there is a wide variety of opinions concerning many things.  That's the problem; without a proper functioning Magisterium we are left to ourselves, which means we are inherently left in a grey area.  It is sad, very sad, indeed, that we cannot fully rely on the visible Church today.  It leaves us in some sense floundering like the protestants, trying to find answers to questions without a heirarchy to rely on for the correct interpretation.  And since we cannot fully rely on the Church , we are left to rely on our own individual interpretations of tradition, which is why there are so many opinions out there on all of these questions.  Undoubtedly one of the opinions is right and the others are wrong, but it seems near impossible to tell which is which, especially on the thornier questions.  If it were possible for us to figure out the hard questions, any hard questions, on our own by reading older texts (scripture, encyclicals, etc) then we would have no need for the Papacy.  There is no question about it; we are in a tight spot in this crisis.

So, it seems to me that we should try our hardest to find and follow God's will, but, at the same time, realize that we are all bound to make mistakes and have incorrect views, and thus give some charity to those who are sincere yet have different views from ours.

You are lucky, it is a grace, that you were raised trad, though on the other hand I also think much fruit can come from having to wrestle with the crisis in the Church and then come to tradition from the NO.  Your lack of experience in the NO appears to have left you with the impression that most Catholics who attend the NO are either stupid or faithless.  This is simply not the case.

I am a fairly recent convert.  Through God's grace I was catechized in the most conservative parish in my diocese.  I shortly thereafter found an SSPX chapel an hour from my house and have been attending there solely.  However, I know that many of the people in my previous NO parish were sincere and trying to be faithful.

A crisis calls for all of the great virtues.  Strength and courage, mercy and compassion, zeal and understanding.  But above all charity, in all of her forms.  The charity to instruct, the charity to forgive, the charity to understand, the charity to sacrifice for others.

I pray for the grace to have these virtues, as my soul is unbelievable weak and the crisis is so grave.


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