Tornielli: “Peace” agreement reached between Vatican and Lefebvrians
Intent does not mean what some of you seem to think it means.

For baptism, for example, one does not need to have an understanding of the theology of how it forgives original sin or anything like that.  One merely needs to intend to baptize someone as a Christian, without needing any understanding of what it means.  A child who, while playing, pours water on a friend's head and says the words as a joke, does not validly baptize the friend.

Similarly, to consecrate the Host, one only needs to have the intent to consecrate the Host.  For example, if a priest was at supper and in the conversation was discussing a medical issue, and in the course of it said something like "This is my body we're talking about", and there happened to be some bread on the table, the bread is obviously not consecrated, even though the form and the matter may have been present.  A priest saying Mass, however, except for some really perverse psychopath who is deliberately not intending to consecrate the Host even though he is pretending to, is intending to change the bread into the Body of Christ.  If he thought he was merely telling the story of the Last Supper and acting it out, that would be a different story, I suppose.  But if he intends to consecrate, if he intends to do whatever he is supposed to do, then the intention is there.

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