Tornielli: “Peace” agreement reached between Vatican and Lefebvrians
(09-17-2011, 08:42 PM)Stubborn Wrote:
The Typical Novus Ordo Supporter who posts on a trad forum Wrote:Actually the NO can be as valid and licit as the TLM is.
For good or bad it was promulgated officially by a sitting Supreme Pontiff who had the authority to do so.
So the NO can be valid and licit.

......The myopic see the Missale as nothing more than a set of rubrics and a liturgical calendar, which could be lawfully altered or replaced by any of St. Pius' successors with or without a reason. In fact, the Missale sets forth the manner of worship whereby the Faith of the Apostles, particularly the Apostles Saints Peter and Paul, is celebrated and the Sacrifice of the New Law is offered to almighty God for those of the Latin Tradition. The Liturgy of the Roman Rite is not merely "a way of saying Mass." It is the worshipful expression and all-capitulating Act of the ancient Faith, which gave rise to a whole culture, to its own music, art, architecture, a true intellectualism and theology. More important, it elevated the manners and morals of the Catholic people of Europe and beyond to the most civilized mode of living that the world has ever known, more orderly and godly, more liberated and urbane, more humane and respectful than that of any other people.

More important still, the Liturgy of the Roman Rite is the source of the authentic spirituality of the Western Church, which produced more saints, converted more nations, inspired more men to become priests, and civilized more peoples than any of the other Rites of the Church, blessed and noble as they are. This Liturgy is the inexhaustible font of the grace of Christian sanctification for us Catholics of the Latin Tradition because it communicates to us the fruit of the Mysteries of Christ, as they are commemorated and re-presented annually in the Christological cycle. The spirituality of the Roman Liturgy was codified in the Rule of St. Benedict, the father of Western monasticism. This was the Rule which governed the lives and guided to sanctity and salvation countless thousands of men and women in the Latin Church for over fifteen hundred years.

The fruit of the anti-liturgy of the Second Vatican Council and Pope Paul VI is, to put the very best face on it, nil. Those who say that the Traditional Mass and the New Mass, and the Missale Romanum and the New Missals (however many there are or will be) are the same are egregiously dishonest and/or culpably stupid. It is this hypocritical dishonesty and studied close-mindedness that will damn modern Catholics.
- Snip from Feb. 2005, Fr. James Wathen: A Catholic Pope part 2
I guess you are morE holy and learned than Pope Paul VI.

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