Tornielli: “Peace” agreement reached between Vatican and Lefebvrians
For what it's worth: in Bishop Tissier de Mallerais' 2002 biography of Archbishop Lefebvre, published in English in 2004 by Angelus Press, the famous words from Lille regarding the new Mass being a "bastard rite" are translated:

...The new rite of Mass is an illegitimate rite, the sacraments are illegitimate sacraments, the priests who come from the seminaries are illegitimate priests...

The translator then observes in a footnote that, "[t]he French word that the Archbishop used here was bâtard. In English this has been frequently and lamentably been translated as bastard, but the vulgar nuances in the English are not at all present in the French word or in the Archbishop's meaning. By using bâtard the Archbishop is merely drawing out his metaphor on an adulterous couple (the Church and the Revolution) whose children would not be legitimate" (p.489, n.112).

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