Tornielli: “Peace” agreement reached between Vatican and Lefebvrians
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I am not grasping at straws; you simply don't understand the point.

No, it is not a doctrinal definition. But it is the underlying theology of the new liturgy that is being discussed. That theology is not Catholic, yet it was promulgated with the purported authority of the Catholic Church. The Novus Ordo has made the nouvelle theologie its theology. That theology is condemned by the power of God through His Church. Yet you support this novel program (and its liturgy) as being authentically Catholic, despite the fact that it is based upon condemned theology.

Am I grasping at straws or are you not wanting to acknowledge the problem?

I am fairly sure that I understand you are claiming that the underlying theology of the GIRM is not Catholic.  I think you are wrong and that your argument is spurious.

I have made a case, but you simply state that, in your opinion, it is wrong without demonstrating that you are right.

You are making claims about arguments being wrong, but you infrequently back them up. Please do so.

Yes Jayne, please do so.  INPEFESS has shown time and time again just how non-Catholic the theology of the New Mass truly is - it is also not hard to research and see just how much it resembles a previously declared heretical rite.  You just simply cannot seem to grasp the severity of this crisis we are in - it is not all sunshine and daisies as most people want to believe - we are living in the worst crisis of faith the Church has EVER experienced and there is no hiding from this clear fact, no matter how hard you try.  You also cannot seem to grasp that the Church is perpetual, and this perpetual Church has taught us, very clearly, how to recognize error and what to do when we recognize it. 

Modern neo-cons seem to think that it is only the "here and now" that matters, but that is not now nor has ever been how the Church functions.  This attitude stems from what the usurpers wanted to happen - they wanted to use Vatican II as the foundation of a new religion - they wanted Catholics to ignore Tradition because Tradition so clearly condemns their work.  So they exploited the council they themselves infiltrated and did just that - and we have all seen the outcome!  We are a TRADITIONAL Church - the neo-cons either have a hard time seeing just how clearly Tradition blatantly condemns the New Mass and the entire Novus Ordo sentiment, or they simply hide from the facts, trying to somehow rationalize the night and day differences of what passes as "Catholicism" pre and post council.  Like I stated in a previous post:  in times like this blind obedience just won't cut it - we must be courageous, just as the saints of old who faced similar times.

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