Hilarious topic on CAF
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(09-19-2011, 03:41 AM)atlantis587 Wrote: Are you guys really gonna be nit picky with Catholic Answers just because they don't think  the Novus Ordo is the devil and his freemason buddies taking over the Church? Seriously, a lot of the people that ask questions on the "Ask An Apologist" part of the forums are new to the Church or even converting and just want to learn more. I can't believe the attitude you guys have against CA when they accomplish so much by responding to anyone's questions with charity, as opposed to other places where they are met with hostility from prideful people.

Good points.

CAF is not perfect, but they do a lot of good.  I would not be a trad (nor a Catholic at all probably) if it weren't for CAF. 

Protestants and Orthodox do a lot of good too.

If we're going by that approach, almost nothing is condemnable.

I'm not saying they should not be condemned for errors.  But they also don't need to be villified suggesting they are fully evil, there is no good in them, no one should ever visit the website, etc. 

Because if we followed the other logic to the other extreme, we should all leave fisheaters too.  FE does "a lot of good" but it has it's own problems (not in the same category as CAF, but it's not a paradise).

Well, there's some truth in that.

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