Just how easy it is to be accused of anti-semitism
I don`t understand devotedknuckles.
I don`t understand jews either. Last day I saw on Yotub a rabbi (forgot his name) talking with a protestant guide (what`s its name in english?). He quoted that he couldn`t believe in a man (he meant Jesus) that stated to have come bringing sword and separation of parents and children. He said tha he preferred Malaquías instead, who maintained that peace and truth would come with the arriving of the Messiah. But, aren´t the jews who preach about a warrior king, some sort of great son-of-David-armed-messiah killing goyim? So why he complains of what Jesus said? Jesus didn´t kill anyone as would have done their pretended messiah that never come, but they denigrate of him to be pacific as well. So, what do the jews want. And if Malaki talked about a messiah of peace, ¿why do they ever expected a warrior king? Does not Jesus applies better for Malaki`s description to be the true Messiah (as we know he is)? Ah, but then they say (as pointed my former friend Fabian (now Daniel), supported by Chabad Lubavitch and all their hassidic people, that judaism is about POWER, and that what means peace for them is not the same peace that means for us. I don`t know what they`re talking about. They always claim that their language and meanings are not the same of western Christianity. I bet it isn`t, we Christians reelaborated the language from a tribal and material form, into a universal, spiritual one. Oh, but they complain about that too saying that we falsed the scriptures.

And if the jews follow their god of Power, and talk of a militar messiah, why they complain about been killed by the nazis? I`m not with the nazis anyway but, if you`re speaking of power, war, dominion of goyim, how do you expect to be treated? why they complain of been mistreated when they believe that`s permitted to mistreat any goyim? Under a jew dominion of the world, we Catholics would be persecuted (just see all that stuff of the noahide laws) so why they cry about been persecuted? They claim that every empire is babylon, and that babylon has opressed them, then why a lot of them had worked through times for all the empires (england´s disraeli) moving diplomatic affaires? Why they cry about the "evil Spain" that drove them out of their homeland (the caliphate) in 14`s, when their law tells us about erase from Israel any goyim that happens to live there? Again, and again, i don`t understand the jews, I don`t undertand the jews. ¿Are those questions anti semitic? I guess that in the actual atmosphere of the western world (no longer Catholic) they really are.
some Jews may have those dreams most don't. Jews aren't stupid. most know full ell they wont be able to militarily conquer the world. even the most rabid Zionist of the "kill them all" type doesn't have ambition for world military conquest.they seek power in other ways. i can go to you tube and find  any number of vids showing some crazed white suprememtists Christians and push that to argue against Christianity. but its a shallow argument. the plm with Judaism isn't that its hell bent on world dominion (real or imaginary) the plm  is that it denies CHRIST.
that's the issue
then u have current secular Israeli policy which does not add up to your claims.
You`re totally right on the Tube stuff. I pointed out the rabbi thing not because he were some radical protojewish-diegoyim man (as a matter of fact, he was a pretty kind and decent man) but because he expressed some opinions that are of common use among the jews. And you have to recognize that there are a few serious videos on Tube too. :)

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