Hermeneutic of Fatima: Let the tail (the SSPX) wag the dog (CDF)
I remember his election and in places like Chicago he was very much loved. He was an Italian country priest. In Chicago we had the Servites that were in many Italo-American neighborhoods. It was an extension of being victorious in WWII and being immigrants from Italy. We were on the rise in America and movie stars like Sophia Loren, and Gina Lollobrigida, and Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra blurred together. No one expected what would happen, at all !

I'm seeing the same things as Kopp. Though I see it culminating in the Consecration, most likely by Pope Benedict XVI. The SSPX will be the ones that push for a return to Tradition and leave Pope Benedict to work the other side of this equation. The conservatives in the Church need to be prepared for this. If tomorrow the Pope said he wanted all the Bishops to consecrate Russia in unison with him, they'd schism and go with the Progressives. If prepared they'll get on board. Bishop Fellay with the rosary crusades knows it's the answer even though he has never said it out loud. This is bigger than the SSPX or the Documents of Vatican II. This is exactly why there are the Leonine prayers after the Low Mass. We are in a War, and Lucifer is doing a bang up job.


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