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Do You Think the Holy Ghost Chose Pope Benedict XVI....
Quote:Like all heretics, the Cathari claimed that their doctrine was the true Christianity. They kept the Christian terminology while distorting the essence of the dogmas. They said that the Christ was the most perfect of the angels and that the Holy Spirit was a creature inferior to the Son.

Quote:Such was true too of Moses, who was tempered by God in forty years of shepherding in the desert. It was true of the Apostles, who withdrew to the upper room for 8 days under the direction of the Holy Spirit. This too was true of the Desert Fathers, the men who taught in word and example the essentials of Catholic spirituality.

Quote:This application, this necessity to respond to the needs of each era and protect souls against errors properly constitutes, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the divine force of a certain development of doctrine, e.g., new dogmatic definitions.

Quote:That is why, in his Infallible Magisterium, the pope enjoys: the positive assistance of the Holy Spirit so that he can attain the truth, and the negative assistance which preserves him from error.

Quote:On the card we also see signs for the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, depicting Joseph’s faithfulness to God.

Quote:When the supreme leader of the Church, which is “the teacher of truth” and infallible by the grace of her Founder, admits his ignorance about the very purpose of his mission—to transmit the faith which saves—then one may reasonably conclude that the Holy Spirit has gone on a long vacation.

Quote:How could You justify this invitation by affirming that the Holy Spirit dwells mysteriously in every man, whereas St. Paul teaches the contrary (Rm 8:9)?


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