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Do You Think the Holy Ghost Chose Pope Benedict XVI....
"Holy Spirit" and "Holy Ghost" are both names for the same person of the Trinity, and neither is unorthodox, dubious, questionable etc. The 1903 English translation of Leo XIII's encyclical on the Holy Spirit was titled... "The Holy Spirit". As were subsequent English translations.

From the Baltimore Catechism:
Quote:Q. 420. Who is the Holy Ghost?
A. The Holy Ghost is the third Person of the Blessed Trinity.

Q. 421. Did the Holy Ghost ever appear?
A. The Holy Ghost appeared at times under the form of a dove, and again under the form of tongues of fire; for, being a pure spirit without a body, He can take any form.

Q. 422. Is the Holy Ghost called by other names?
A. The Holy Ghost is called also the Holy Spirit, the Paraclete, the Spirit of Truth and other names given in Holy Scripture.

It's one thing - a laudable thing - to be stubborn in adherence to the truth. It's another to be stubborn in error.

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