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Do You Think the Holy Ghost Chose Pope Benedict XVI....
(10-06-2011, 02:18 AM)jovan66102 Wrote:
(10-05-2011, 06:55 AM)Stubborn Wrote: The SSPX quotes don't mean a thing - for all anyone knows they were copied and pasted from various sources. And there are occasions that trads use HS - but not like the NO. The language change was totally obvious in the late 60s - and still is if you listen.

I already stated the facts. You people, particularly jovan, who should know better, miss the obvious as a matter of practice. Avoid the NO completely for a few years then perhaps you'll begin to understand.

I have never disputed the point you make here. What I do dispute is your claim to Godlike omniscience that you know what every SSPX priest in the world does. Dan, who has personal experience of the Priest in question, says one thing. You, who admit to never having attended the Priest's Masses, say another. Who am I going to believe? The man who, on many Sundays sits in the pews listening to the Priest, or the man who admits he has no personal knowledge of the situation?

What God like omniscience?
You feel free to take the word of a person who, on many Sunday's, sits in the pews listening to the NO Priest - not seeing that it is not the Holy Sacrifice yet believes it is good enough and encourages others to participate with it. Believe that a trad priest always speaks the language of a NO priest - fine. I do not believe he heard what he thinks he heard because he practices seeing what is not there.

Indifferentism professes unconcern about belief as well as practice, indifferentism is what the NO breeds. HS or HG's meaning is no different - most NOers seem to even be indifferent to the actual language - as I think is the case with dan.

When one primarily attends the NO, one *will* become indifferent to some extent, that's the way it is and no one needs to have God like omniscience or a degree in theology to learn that - just "look around".  All one need do is stay exposed to tradition and away completely from the NO and when they hear a speaker consistently using HS, it will make itself as obvious as a Jersey accent that the speaker has roots in the NO i.e. roots in error. From that moment on, listeners should turn it off or be on guard for error. It just that simple. A priest who always uses  HS in place of HG *distinguishes himself* as a NOer. That's the way it has been since the revolution began. That is just reality - I am pointing this out because I've been where a lot of folks are these days - - wondering if Fr. "X" is reliable etc . . . . . well, now they have one tell tale sign to watch for.

At any rate, no doubt dan will listen for it specifically next time he goes to SSPX.

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