New "Fatima + Garabandal + Sister Aiello" Discovery
"13" for Fatima.

Apparently the apparitions of Mary at Garabandal began exactly *13 days* after Sister Aiello died.

It's a little disconcerting. 

Sister Aiello died on June 19, 1961.

The first appearance of Mary to the children at Garabandal occurred on Sunday July 2, 1961 - thirteen days latter.

Sister Aiello died one day after the Angel made his preliminary appearance to the children (June 18). 

This is not the coincidence I would hope to discover since currently I am at best lukewarm regarding the Garabandal events.

Looking into her prophecies today I checked out some Italian websites and found this relevant prophecy from Sister Aiello that hasn't been posted here yet:

"Quando nel cielo apparirà un segno straordinario, sappiano gli uomini che prossima sarà la punizione del mondo!".'
(Jan 7, 1950)

It translates: "When in the sky appears an extraordinary sign, know it [men/gentlemen] that next will come the punishment of the world!"

Apparently the above prophecy was made in 1950 after world war II and before Garabandal.

Another Aiello prophecy:
"His successor will guide the boat in the tempest. But it will not delay the punishment of the wicked. That day will be frightening, in the most terrible manner: the land will tremble and shake all humanity."

The above prophecy appears to pertain to the reign of the last Pope (not BXVI) and does NOT AT ALL connect to my own speculations posted elsewhere regarding upcoming quakes that would happen significantly sooner, that is If I'm not wrong in the first place.


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