What Pope Benedict really said about Eucharistic adoration
No, you're simply interested in pressing your point home that it was a mistranslation.  The vast majority of posters don't speak German, so how can we know.  That is just your opinion.

And what does it matter?  We can be certain that his views on the Eucharist are not 100% Orthodox because we all saw him give communion to a Protestant.

If Benedict XVI fully adheres to the beliefs of a Traditional Catholic then we have nothing to worry about.  But clearly he does not.  We all know that.  +Fellay knows that. +Lefebvre knew that.  The person writing the doctrinal preamble knows that too or there would not be a Doctrinal Preamble.

The fact is that B16 has not been any friend of Tradition.  He's a caretaker Pope who is giving slightly less scandal than the last chap.

The title of this thread contains the word REALLY.  Well what did he REALLY say?  Based on his twisted views about other truths, I tend to think that the negative view is closer to the truth than the positive one.  But even if he is 80% of the way towards your view, that is still pretty fucked up, considering he is the Pope.

One can legitimately ask, nowadays, is the Pope a Catholic?

Quite a change.

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