What Pope Benedict really said about Eucharistic adoration
Before we run too far afield in exposing varous shenanigans, I think going over one of the clearer translations deserves a review. 

Quote: "No doubt: Our piety is here often a little superficial [has often proceeded a little superficially] and has given occasion for some misunderstanding."

Here's the setup for the running down of the traditional practice.

Quote:"In this respect the critical question of modern consciousness will be able to challenge a salutary purification in the self-understanding of the Faith."

Raze the bastions! You people don't know how to naval gaze correctly.

Quote:It may suffice to cite an example, in the end, by which the crisis becomes especially obvious and by which the point [i.e. reason] for the purification, which is necessary, can once more, by summary, come to light.

He thought there was a crisis then? 

Quote:Eucharistic adoration or quiet visiting in church can, reasonably, not simply be thought of as conversation with the God who is thought present in a locally-circumscriptive manner.

This strawman is the example of the "crisis" that needs a necessary "purification." 

Quote:Statements such as "God dwells here" and conversation with the locally-thought God based on such [thinking] express a mistake [misjudgment] of the christological event as well as the idea of God,

Same incongruous assertion that is contained in the disputed translation.  The statement that "God dwells here" is an implication of a mistake in understanding the Eucharist and God's presence. It somehow automatically implies that the person can't distinguish between God's omnipresence and His sacramental presence.

Quote:which necessarily repels the thinking man who knows about the omnipresence of God.

A "thinking man" would not be that impressive if he is repelled by a commonly understood term about the Real Presence. Card. Newman left the Anglicans because he said, "He is not here." referring to the sacramental reality.  But I guess Cardinal Newman wasn't a "thinking man." 

Quote:"If one were to justify going to church on the grounds that one must visit the God who is present only there,"

Hypothetical strawman and hardly a realistic example of a real crisis. 

Quote:"this would indeed be a justification which would make no sense and would rightfully be rejected by modern man."

Like this banal example is rejected.  Strawman arguments should always be rejected. Another incongruity is the snobbish assumption that "modern man" and the "thinking man" are one and the same. 


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