What Pope Benedict really said about Eucharistic adoration
What I find interesting to ponder, while we are discusing the attitudes of diocesan Catholics versus sedevacantist and other non-diocesan Catholics regarding Eucharistic Adoration, is WHICH group has the greater per capita number (not the greater number, as obviousily that would be the diocesan churches, but on a per capita basis of adherents) of perpetual adoration chapels or weekly Eucharistic adoration times?


I would surmise that even without expositon a far greater percentage of diocesan churches have their doors unlocked (even at night) for those who wish to visit Our Lord in the tabernacle and spend some time in prayer there.  My parish church is never locked and the area around the tabernacle is kept lighted.  I regularly see others there when I go.

Rather than argue over obtuse theological language that has been translated from a language few here comprehend I find it more informative to observe what the faithful are doing.



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