What Pope Benedict really said about Eucharistic adoration
Thank you Archdiocesan (OP)  for the translation; it certainly puts a different light on things.   Of course I'm assuming that your translation is really more accurate, but all the signs point to that being the case.

It seems that  someone must have been dishonest in the other translation, but I'm not willing to blame all sedevacantists,  or all believers that a Pope may have taught heresy .  I've known some (in fisheaters and elsewhere)  who have been as thorough and scholarly and intent on truth as anyone here. 

I can't digest all the arguments and translations and assertions on both sides of the debate going on here on fisheaters.and in the Church.  I do know that when I read Ratzinger I find him difficult, obscure, easy to read out of context and (to my mind) ambiguous.  Not a good combination for effectively teaching truth.

I do have the same problem as Gerard with these parts of the translation:

"Ratzinger" Wrote:Eucharistic adoration or quiet visiting in church can, reasonably, not simply be thought of as conversation with the God who is thought present in a locally-circumscriptive manner.

"Gerard" Wrote:
"Ratzinger" Wrote:Statements such as "God dwells here" and conversation with the locally-thought God based on such [thinking] express a mistake [misjudgment] of the christological event as well as the idea of God,

Same incongruous assertion that is contained in the disputed translation.  The statement that "God dwells here" is an implication of a mistake in understanding the Eucharist and God's presence. It somehow automatically implies that the person can't distinguish between God's omnipresence and His sacramental presence.

It certainly sounds like Cardinal Ratzinger is saying that the statement "God dwells here" is really a mistake in judgment.  But perhaps he is being ambiguous so  that 'such [thinking]' doesn't mean 'thinking that God dwells here' but rather 'thinking that God is present in a locally-circumscriptive manner'.  In any case the wording (in the translation) seems at best ambiguous and misleading.

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