What Pope Benedict really said about Eucharistic adoration
Where did that happen? As the OP made clear, Pope Benedict did not reject Eucharistic adoration. He was merely criticizing simplistic views of the Eucharist that he thought likely to drive modern men away from the Church.

Who had those views?  The simple pew peasant might believe that Jesus resides in the tabernacle, He does, that is why you genuflect.  But no Catholic I've ever heard of thought Jesus was limited to the extremities of the visible unleavened bread.

If nobody has those simplistic views then why criticize them?

At any rate, as you said, people change. Pope Benedict has himself acknowledged that his views have changed quite a bit since the time of the Council. I find it telling that almost all of the quotations used to slander the Pope are taken from his earlier writings,

Would you consider June 2000 his earlier writings?

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