What Pope Benedict really said about Eucharistic adoration
(09-22-2011, 11:29 PM)Gerard Wrote: Maybe my question should be: 

Archdiocesan,  did you lift that image from a sede website and then post it or have someone post it to imageshack so you wouldn't be embarassed at using the resources of a sede website to trash all sedevacantists for their dishonesty? 

Do I have to write to Mario and ask him if he did the original scans?

Yes I noticed that too.  That was a lot of trouble to go to when he could have just cut and paste the URL.

Kind of shows the modernist mindset.  The truth does not support their case.  Their philosophy stinks like a toilet after Jabba the Hut has been crapping in there.  So they mask it with air-freshener.

But I suspect the excuse he will use was that he was keeping it for future reference in case Novus Ordo Watch went off line.

If excuses were virtues, they'd be in great shape.

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