What Pope Benedict really said about Eucharistic adoration
You still refuse to engage with the issue.

B16 gives Holy Communion to known Protestants.  There is a picture of him doing this at JP2's funeral.

So can he have completely orthodox understanding of the Eucharist?  If he does in fact it even makes the situation worse, because he cannot even claim to be a badly instructed or misguided Catholic.  (A somewhat ridiculous notion that a Pope can claim to be this anyway frankly)

Is it a misunderstanding, a mistranslation, or the Hegelian/Orwellian double-think and double-speak he is well known for?

If the Pope does not cling to any heresy why does he allow so many other Bishops and Priests to do so?  Orthodox Catholics should not stand by while the Church autodestructs.  Is the man a weakling?  Is that your defence?

Why does he pray with false religions, Jews and Muslims?

Why is he communing with a Luteran Bishopess this week?

Too many statements.  Too much evidence.  It is not all mistranslated.

People here defended him on the Condom lesser of two evils statement too, saying he was misunderstood or it was mistranslated.  It was a wreckless thing to say at best.


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