What Pope Benedict really said about Eucharistic adoration
(09-23-2011, 05:57 AM)archdiocesan Wrote: The scan is indeed from NOW. I'm willing to take for granted that Derksen isn't quite sad enough to forge a scan of the original, and it's on ImageShack because hotlinking tends to annoy website hosts. The fact that Derksen's site provides the German doesn't detract from the fact that the dishonest translation is used on such websites as Holywar, The-Pope, TheCatholicFaith, CathInfo, CMRI, OpusDeiAlert, DailyCatholic, TraditionInAction, etc. etc. as well as featuring in Rama P. Coomaraswamy's book The Destruction of the Christian Tradition.

Still, if you think it's somehow damning that I've used one sedevacantist website's scans to demonstrate the dishonesty of the quotation used by other sedevacantist websites, as well as at least one poster here, then  :laughing: indeed!

The problem is that the translation (or paraphrase or quotation that needs an elipses or two) does not change the essence of what is being stated.  The strawman argument is still there.  The conflation of "modern man" and "thinking man."  The failure to distinguish between the true devotion which makes the distinction between the omnipresence of God and His sacramental presence and the strawman example, that Ratzinger believs is on a "crisis" level and in need of a "purification."    If anything, it's just as likely to be  a "dynamic equivalency" translation vs. a strict translation.  But I see no essential difference between the two translations in terms of expressing the thought of then-Fr. Ratzinger.

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