What Pope Benedict really said about Eucharistic adoration
(09-23-2011, 05:51 PM)archdiocesan Wrote: Gerard,

What can I say? Please forgive me for failing to credit Mr Derksen's ability to operate a scanner. Had I known my handling of the matter was going to form the basis for so authoritative a psychological profile, I would have taken more care.

I'm not the one you need to ask forgiveness from.  And my point is that the events of your concealing your sources and your reasons for doing so is an indicator of your ethical choices. 

Quote: As for your claim about God not choosing popes, and my remarks bordering on a transgression of the First Commandment: very interesting. Have you written to the Pope on this subject? I'm sure he'd welcome your advice on how the Roman Missal might be revised to remove this "grotesque distortion":
Quote:O GOD, the Shepherd and Ruler of all Thy faithful people, mercifully look upon Thy servant, N., whom Thou hast chosen as the chief Shepherd to preside over Thy Church; grant him, we beseech Thee, so to edify, both by word and example, those over whom he hath charge, that he may attain unto everlasting life, together with the flock committed unto him. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

I would argue that there is a linquistic issue in the meaning of the words. Similar to the reference of priests in the Roman Catechism to be thought of as "gods."  And, since I found that same prayer for a mass said for the bishop of Tulsa, I'm sure you aren't going to argue that "God chose" as in revealed to the world the person He wanted to be bishop of  Tulsa.  Or it could be as simple as an ultramontanist did the English translation from the Latin. 


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