What Pope Benedict really said about Eucharistic adoration
(09-24-2011, 12:56 PM)archdiocesan Wrote: Gerard,

You are embarrassing yourself.

Maybe, maybe not.  But it's irrelevant whether I am truly embarassing myself or whether you are reduced to ridicule because you can't answer questions put to you.  Your statement doesn't  answer the questions, that is what is important.  It serves no valuable purpose in the discussion but to make you feel better about yourself by running me down. 

Quote: Do you know the difference between divine providence and divine revelation?

Yes.  Do you know the difference between contingency and necessity? 

Quote: Do you think the text of the Roman Missal - and, indeed, the collect for the Feast of St Pius V - borders on violation of the First Commandment?

No. ??? How do you put that together?  The fact that reading those prayers in the English translation (perhaps in the Latin, I'm not a scholar of Latin) presents a possible theological problem from the Catholic point of view or perhaps a semantical problem which can easily be resolved, has nothing to do with your extrapolation that God actually positively elects every Pope and bishop in the Church.  I'm going to have to assume that's what you believe since you don't have the courtesy to answer any direct questions when that courtesy is given to you. 

Quote: Do you, in short, have any idea what you're talking about?

Yes.  I do.  The burning question is....do you?  If so, why do you refuse to show it?

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