Pope's failure in Germany
And he said, Verily I say unto you, No prophet is accepted in his own country.
(Lk 4:24)

Our dear Lord and Savior looked like the biggest failure and loser ever as He hung  on the Cross....

And he was mocked and looked down upon.  The servant is not greater than the Master.
(09-24-2011, 12:51 PM)Tim Wrote: I think this is good analysis, and those like a broken record keep repeating Vatican II, Vatican II, miss the point entirely. WWII is pivotal in the Church and society at large, for this. It's the impetus for all the change including the change which was engineered in Vatican II. The Marshall Plan and the Club of Rome, and all the rest of it culminating in the EU. We are reaping the fruits of the change from Vatican II, and all of our Global Institutions from after the War simultaneously.  They are failing us as we see. This failure in Europe and the Americas, and everywhere is too large to blame on some liberals, modernists, socialists, et al,  that planted wiggle words in documents, and Voila fifty years later everything collapses. This has Lucifer's finger prints all over it, and the useful idiots were only his go fors.

In some ways Pope Benedict XVI is like all of his generation. My father listened to shortwave everyday until he dies, monitoring Europe. As young men he'd tell us of networks being rolled up here an there, and we thought he was nutz. Until the Chicago Tribune reported the same a few weeks later. We used to joke behind his back that Cap'n Harry never left Patton's Army, and was now a listening post spy for Donovan's  OSS.  Not an excuse but the torture and murder they saw up close and personal would bend anyone's mind.  tim

You bring up something few seem to think of when talking about JPII and BXVI.  If you want to understand somebody, look at their past.  Both these popes lived under the nazis, and JPII under communism.  While I'm not advocatiing indifferentism of any stripe, these popes are likely deeply worried that something like this could happen again if tolerance isn't preached.  The next pope, not growing up in such circumstances, could have different views.

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