Possessed Priest and Valid Sacraments
(10-01-2011, 01:21 AM)Doce Me Wrote: Of course scholastics  may misunderstand the true principles of scholasticism, or wrongly have contempt for mysticism (and in that sense overuse scholasticism).  But will you in turn admit that "mysticism is not inherently bad, but only when it is overused and stripped from scholasticism".?

The Catholic Church has always praised scholasticism as foundational to her teachings - but this is in no way to put down mysticism.  Shouldn't scholasticism and mysticism join hands instead of being at war with each other? St. Thomas had at least one of the greatest of mystical experiences near the end of his life.

Oh, absolutely!  Without scholasticism to ground mysticism to reality, then mysticism alone is incapable of distinguishing truth from fantasy.

Aquinas did have a mystical experience at the end of his life.  I don't know the story, but what I was told is that because of it, he believed his writings were like straw and so the summa is an incomplete work.  If that is accurate, why use as a theological and philosophical cornerstone what it's own author refused to complete?

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