Possessed Priest and Valid Sacraments
(09-24-2011, 02:57 PM)Jesse Wrote: I just finished reading Malachi Martin's book "Hostage to the Devil."  One of his cases involves a possessed priest.  This priest would regularly change the words of the sacraments in Latin.  He would baptize in the name of the sky, earth, and water.  For the consecration, he would say, "this is my tombstone" or "this is my sexuality."  He would absolve in the name of the lord of light, or the name of the sky, earth, and water.  He said that since it was in Latin, he was never really caught, though one of his assistance heard him say at Mass, "The Lord of light be with you."

My question is this:  how does God view those who received such sacraments?  Obviously a child baptized in the name of sky, earth, and water has received an invalid sacrament.  Yet the priest was possessed.  Does God supply, as it were, the grace of the sacrament?  Or, take confession for example.  Since the intention of the faithful was to confess and receive absolution, is absolution granted despite the priest mucking it up?

My gut feeling says that charity trumps all and God is not going to damn a faithful Catholic who, through no fault of their own, received an invalid sacrament from a possessed priest.

The book didn't say, but I wondered if the parish, after the exorcism, contacted all the parishioners who received sacraments from this priest and told them about it.  I would want to be conditionally "re-"baptized if I found out my priest had been possessed.



A good reason if ever there was one for giving the Sacraments in the Mother tongue of the one receiving them!

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