The little things: The Papal tiara
(09-25-2011, 12:30 AM)Unum Sint Wrote:

So it was interesting to note that on Friday, during an ecumenical prayer service in the former Augustinian church (now Protestant) where Martin Luther was ordained and celebrated his first Mass, the Pope wore a stole that depicted his personal coat of arms topped by the triple-crown tiara. Talk about sending a message! If there is anyone who railed against the imperial papacy, it was surely Luther.

You know as a Catholic my thoughts on a certain Martin Luther are rather limited. After reading his writings and taking his theories to their obvious logical conclusions you would think the man either crazy or processed. Why, then is it that we must pay so much respect according to these liberal fools to a man that for all intents are purposes is right now burning in hell to which most of what he held as true Christianity has been rejected even by its own namesake followers? To me this just makes no sense.

So it would seem.

Benedict XVI is not stupid. He does these things for a reason, if you read his views from his own pen. If you understand what Rome is up to, it all makes sense. They are simply putting into effect the false principles developed hundreds of years ago and formally introduced into Christianity at the time of the Council. The only part that surprises me is how cautious they are being now that the Council has been mostly accepted by Catholics. They really don't want to lose the growing traditional Catholic movement that is slowly following them.

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