The little things: The Papal tiara
As I was glancing through this article, preparatory to reading it, I came across this statement:

(09-25-2011, 01:29 PM)archdiocesan Wrote: In secular heraldry there is always some form of headpiece above the shield, usually a crown.

At that point I simply chuckled and quit reading. If the writer is so ignorant of heraldry as to spout this egregious nonsense, why should I bother to read it? First of all, it is simply not true that their is always a headpiece above the shield (which is not a shield, it is an escutcheon). In modern British heraldry, a woman's arms are placed on a lozenge without any sort of headpiece. Second, crowns are extremely rare in heraldry, since they are limited to royalty. Noble coronets are somewhat more common, but the most common head piece is a helmet, since the vast majority of armigers are not noble..

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