The little things: The Papal tiara
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Both of these images look like a tiara on his coat of arms and not a mitre.

Yeah from

Quote:Wednesday, May 25, 2011
Pope Benedict XVI receives new tiara

    At today's weekly general audience the Holy Father received a new tiara made for him and presented by Catholic and Orthodox Christians.

    The tiara was commissioned by Dieter Philippi (, a German Catholic businessman who has a great devotion to the papacy as well as to the call to Christian unity.

    The tiara was created in Sofia, Bulgaria by Orthodox Christians of the Liturgix studio (

    Today a small delegation of Roman Catholics and Bulgarian Orthodox on pilgrimage in Rome had the honor to present the tiara to the Holy Father in the name of Christian unity.

Read the rest here.

On a side note, I am not certain about the involvement of Orthodox Christians and would caution against reading too much into this though I can all but guarantee that some of our Roman Catholic friends will latch onto this as yet further proof of imminent re-union.  The website for Liturgix does not identify themselves as Orthodox.  Rather they simply declare that they cater to both Orthodox and Eastern Rite Catholics.

At one time it was customary for the citizens of whatever city a newly elected Pope came from to commission a new tiara for the Pope for his coronation.  Obviously this custom died out after Paul VI abandoned the tiara in the 1960's.  All three of his successors have declined to revive its use with Benedict going so far as to remove the tiara entirely from his coat of arms.

Still, it's an impressive addition to the Vatican's collection of papal bling. 

He should wear it.

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