What's your opinion on offering Mass in baroque vestments in a Gothic chapel?
On second thought, I can't address most of your previous post because it would just be a lot of my opinion versus your opinion. At the root of it all is what seems to be your belief that the whole Middle Ages before Plutarch and Erasmus were, in fact, "dark ages":

Quote:The Gothic revival of the 1800's was always, and everywhere, harkening back to the ugliness of a pre-Classical world, a pre-Plutarch, pre-Erasmus world! Heroes and maidens were made up as if the entire Mediaeval era was one big Arthurian legend. I can't stand such B.S., even if it is for God's sake.

Until you can get over that, you probably won't be able to appreciate the Gothic style at all.

Quote:I always thought it was a great and beautiful thing that Catholicism got away from the Orthodox tendency of the iconostasis. We are now able to see the sanctuary whose protecting veil was rent, both in reaction to the blasphemy of the Crucifixion, and as a sign that we may enter the sanctuary of the temple of our hearts in Christ. It is so glorious, so holy... rood screens and iconostases ruin that meaning in my opinion. The meaning of the Mass must come before aesthetics, though aesthetics certainly can help convey the meaning.

Dude, the image in your signature of a veiled tabernacle and altar come from the medieval tradition (and of course the Biblical) of concealing the sacred. However, a great many traditional churches neglect the rules on altar frontals and tabernacle veils in favor of exposing the beautiful craftsmanship underneath.

By your line of reasoning, the veils should be done away with. The same logic has also seen the end of the Latin language in worship, priest facing the people, etc., etc. Think about it.

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