Body language and facial expressions of our priest at mass today.
Did anyone ever see the look on the face of a sports star or Olympic athlete about to leave the starting blocks.  Anyone remember Mike Tyson's look of concentration before he came out and beat his opponent to a pump?

I so you know the look.  One of intense concentration and single minded focus.  In the Zone.  But not fake "in the zone", but REAL.  There is a difference, you can tell.

I was at Mass this morning and sitting at the side so I could see the priests face while he consecrated the bread and wine.

You could tell from the intense look on his face that he REALLY believed what he was doing and was utterly focused on doing it properly, reverently and with great dignity.  When he elevated the chalice and host he looked straight at Jesus on the crucifix which was about 22 inches from his face.  He looked incredibly serious.  Like he was telling the minister for war that WW3 had broken out or the Tsar had abdicated.  It was inspiring to watch.

It made me realize that I have never seen that at a new mass where of course you see the priests face all the time during the consecration.  Every time I've watched the priests face saying a new mass it always seemed they were going through the motions.

Has anyone ever seen a priest say a new mass with intensity?  I mean such intensity that it leaves you in absolutely no doubt that the priest realises the full enormity of what he is doing?
Great point.

One time in California I recall seeing the Priest offer Mass in an intensely focused, serious manner.  

Father Jeffrey Keyes is well known for his traditionalist leanings.  When he came to St. Edward's, he charged rather hard in making sure the music was Catholic (Gregorian Chant) and not nonsense that is typical of even 'conservative' parishes.

I'm not quite sure why he had not jumped to the TLM.  Perhaps he has by now.  But to this day he is the only Priest I have seen offer Mass in the Novus Ordo in the manner you describe, GGreg.
Our local NO is ad orientem, so I don't know.

But father's voice changes.
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I've seen the NO done with great reverence and concentration before, but the majority of the time this is not the case. I thank God for the good NO priests that I do know, how they stand all that goes on is beyond me, it truly takes a strong soul to be holy in the NO as a priest, which is why I have great respect for faithful priests who celebrate the NO with reverence.
Yes. I know two priests that celebrate the NO as it should be celebrated, as the Sacrifice of Christ on the Hill of Calvary and not as a happy, happy community meal. One was ordained before the Council, the other has only been a priest for a few years.
(09-25-2011, 07:44 PM)ggreg Wrote: Has anyone ever seen a priest say a new mass with intensity?  I mean such intensity that it leaves you in absolutely no doubt that the priest realises the full enormity of what he is doing?
I definitely have, Fr. Jeffrey P. Leger at Guardian Angels Parish in Louisville, KY, and Fr. Thomas G. LaHood at St. John Neumann in Gaithersburg, MD... What do these two priests have in common???? They both offer the TLM!!! ;D
Yes, I have.
Yes, I've been Blessed to have seen at least three OF priests consecrate reverently. But nothing compared to priests in the EF.
I have been blessed to have a number of priests where the awe and reverance for what is happening just shows in all they do, one being my former parish priest who never once lost that reverence in the 3yrs I went to Mass there daily. A short while ago I was on a retreat and the young priest (very young) was a truely blessed youmg man. It was as though he disapperared and by the time I went forward for communion I felt as though I was there before the physical Christ, with Him Himself offering me His body and blood. That was the same each of the 3 days of my retreat.

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