Good News: From Canada

“Following the liturgy, even with the help of the missal, can be a grace-filled challenge for those who either have no prior experience or have not attended the Latin mass since the 1960s,” says Burwell. “It is nevertheless clear that those attending have a real desire to actively participate. With such dedication, they will soon understand the liturgy in its fullness.”

The Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite is the term used for the traditional Latin mass. After the Second Vatican Council ended in 1965, Roman Catholics were granted permission to celebrate the liturgy in their own languages, called the Ordinary Form.

The best parts of this story are of course:

1. The Mass is being pushed (and I mean with an eye of expansion) from both Bishops of Winnipeg.

2. The Mass is being celebrated by a Jesuit and a young one at that.

3. The welcoming spirit given intermediately a place of prominence to what is is of course the Mass of ages.
Excellent news! Now if His Grace of Edmonton would just get with the program! :)
Yes Great news. Winnipeg scores bonus points these last couple months. First the NHL returns and now the TLM.
Deo Gratias :)

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