Shunning the pope, or just an akward scene?
(09-26-2011, 07:17 AM)archdiocesan Wrote: HERE. Watch from five minutes in.

Hmm, interesting. I'm genuinely not sure what to make of this. In the first half, the PM is clearly introducing the pope to each minister seperately. He leads the way, formally introduces them and the pope shakes hands with each one. In the other half, the bishops are obviously all Germans, so they're probably not the pope's personal tour posse from the Vatican. Again the PM leads the way, but no introductions are made. They all greet the PM enthusiastically like old chummy friends while the pope walks along with his hand extended the entire time. It's quite different from the first half, but I see your point. I'm really not sure what to make of it now.
Some of them are part of his entourage - like Cardinal Bertone.
Fr Z has this to say about it:

Quote:Friends, don’t read too much into this video.  The Pope is NOT being snubbed.  He may be introducing people to the German President.  Some shake the Pope’s hand, others don’t.  It isn’t a snub.

The men who don’t shake the Pope’s hand are close collaborators and his friends.  For example, you see Card. Brandmüller, a good friend of the Pope.  There is Bp. Josef Clemens, the Pope’s former personal secretary and now Secretary of the Pontifical Council for Laity.  There is Msgr. Guido Marini and the rest of the papal MCs.  On the other hand, Card. Kasper did move to shake the Pope’s robotically outstretched hand.  So does the Archbp. Woelki of Berlin, who doesn’t see the Pope all the time and who hasn’t been a close collaborator.

Poor Pope Benedict.  Imagine how much of this he must endure.  His collaborators spare his sore hand.  Also, many people think that a handshake is NOT the best way to honor the Vicar of Christ.

So, do not read anything into this video.

It makes me look like an idiot, but I'm relieved to read this and I hope it's true. I hope I haven't caused a scandal here.

Now I feel like such a stereotypical trad conspiracy theorist.  :P
I agree.  He's not being snubbed.  That would be absolutely insane.

We've got to be careful to engage our brains before blurting stuff out on the internet.  The reality is obvious if you just think about it.

I would make absolutely no sense for Bishops and Cardinals to snub the Pope under these circumstances.  Those Bishops can see the TV Cameras there.  They know the world is watching.  They are sneaky bastards, why would they refuse to shake his hand?

Why wouldn't they simply be nicey, nicey on TV and then ignore any demand they disagreed with.  That has been their modus operandi for the last 20 years.

When and if B16 asked them to Consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary THEN they'll snub him, but on a state visit with politicians around it would make absolutely no sense.

Some of you don't seem to have studied or understood how modernists behave.  This would be totally out of character for them.  Abe Foxman being introduced to Bishop Richard Williamson, yes, I can see some snubbing going on.  But Cardinals and Bishops to the Pope what nonsense!

You want to see "snubbed". Drag me into a new mass and try to get me to make the sign of peace with you.
(09-26-2011, 06:25 AM)City Smurf Wrote: That.. is absolutely.. disgusting does not describe it!  And the Holy Father!  He had his arm out the whole time!  It's heartbreaking how alone he looks and this secular PM is being greeting like an old bosom buddy by these bishops!  And they snub the Holy Father?

Everyone of them that refused, who even stepped back, should be removed from their bishoprics and consigned to a very long stay in a monastery with some good traditional Brothers to.. "take care" of them.  If I was a German Catholic I would pack up and simply leave the dioceses of these.. these.. argh!

Edit: No!  Better idea!  Every single one of them that snubbed him should be commanded to fucking crawl to Canossa on their hands and knees dressed in sackclothes!

He couldn't do it immediately, because that would make him look like he was acting like a child who is pissed off he was the last picked for dodgeball.  What he should do is have them all investigated so he can have an official reason on paper, some kind of doctrinal or administrative thing that doesn't match up to Church teaching, and then he should have a public ceremony, with lots of pomp and circumstance, perhaps in front of Brandenburger Tor, where he excommunicates them all.
Well, even if he wasn't being snubbed.. we're talking about German bishops here.  As Melkite suggested (I think tongue in cheek) there should be plenty of official reasons to follow through with my suggestions..
Ggreg, when the cousins agree, it usually means we go to World War. They indeed are sneaky, and politicians at heart. No publc signs of hatred for them, but later they'll get him one good !

Archdiocesan is right. The Pope is not being shunned, the video is misleading.
(09-26-2011, 11:02 AM)Vetus Ordo Wrote: Archdiocesan is right. The Pope is not being shunned, the video is misleading.


New topic: Is it appropriate for the Pope to shake anyone's hand?

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