Has the Church ever declared on anti-depressants and other such pills?

I've been trying to identify an evil hole in my heart for a long time. I found this odd little video that somehow manages to encapsulate everything horrible I feel: not being able to go outside for weeks or months at a time, being stranded in inner isolation without one friend in the world.


This is so singular. I need to get some sort of medicine or I will rot, a wretched soul, but what did/does the Church teach about such things? I know the precursors of Prozac didn't even exist 30 years before Vatican II, so it can be hard to gauge. Is there any traditional, sound, good declaration on anything like this? What of a person who has no peace - prayer feels empty, he is dissociated from himself; always feeling watched, laughed at, hated, etc. - wtf is he supposed to do? Going to Mass of any kind is pure mental torture for him, because it is outside, beyond safety - he cannot even trust his best friends not to glare at him and laugh at him in their hearts. He cannot become a saint without joy, peace, and doing the will of God.

I often wonder if pills change the personality, the character, the humanity that God has given us. Isn't it an insult to God to say "thanks for this body, but I'd rather it was another way so I'll augment and correct your errors"? This is how I feel about such pills and corrective medicine. How restricting, how suffocating. What does Holy Church say, from its eagle-eye view, not my personal interpretation of life?

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