Has the Church ever declared on anti-depressants and other such pills?

As someone who is gradually coming off Citalopram after 7 years, I would never try to dissuade anyone from antidepressants, especially as they came as such a relief at a period when things were very black (depression and panic attacks).

That being said, I have two concerns with antidepressants: (1) antidepressants are often handed out as the 'solution' for what is, really, ordinary unhappiness, when really support and not medication is what is needed; and (2) the side-effects and/or the effects of coming off the antidepressants are not made clear to the patient before the course is started, in some cases the effects can be very severe.

I am not asking you to respond to this question, but are there any circumstances that could be making you so unhappy? It sounds as if you have hit a really low ebb. If so, I would approach a good priest about it and speak to him about it. If you then think that there might be something else at play here i.e. clinical depression then I would take it further and go to a doctor who will probably then prescribe you some sort of antidepressant.

In the meantime, whilst you look for a priest to speak to, would you consider trying St John's Wort? It is used for 50% of all cases of depression in Germany and can help low moods (as opposed to proper clinincal depression). Don't continue to take if you are prescribed an AD, however.

With regards to the pills changing the personality: I would say that in the majority of cases they definitely don't, but it depends on the strength of the dose and the specific AD that you take.

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