Has the Church ever declared on anti-depressants and other such pills?
(09-27-2011, 05:05 AM)Roger Buck Wrote:
(09-27-2011, 01:37 AM)Laetare Wrote: Friends,

I've been trying to identify an evil hole in my heart for a long time.

Laetare, I am moved by your realness, honesty here.

I am rushing now, have not had time to look at video properly, read all comments properly.

But pressed for time as I am, I find myself wondering how much and/or other turn to the Sacraments daily?

Daily reception of the Eucharist. frequent confession, adoration also have been INCREDIBLE for me in this regard.

I confess: I am alarmed by people turning to these pills if  they have not (?) tried daily participation in the Sacraments ...

It is hard to turn to the sacraments at all when you have agoraphobia. Prayer in public places is extremely distressing, because you're always wondering what a thousand voices are saying about you behind your back. So many eyes looking, so many hearts filled with hatred, and so on. Even with my best friend in the church with me, praying, I just feel nervous and watched by everybody - I even have him on my mind, thinking of what he's thinking about me, whether he regrets being a friend to such a wretched person, and so even with someone I love and trust, it is impossible to pray in public due to lack of focus. The only way to pray earnestly in my case is with the door closed, the curtains drawn, the windows shut, and no one else around. Eucharistic adoration in a small chapel at 3 AM would still be difficult, because someone just might come in and see you...

The sacraments become a burden, because you're so worried about what the priest is thinking of you, and then you think of what the others outside the Confessional are thinking. "Why is he taking so long?"; you almost hear them whispering it, and then you turn to a thousand other worries as you're being absolved. There's the added sorrow of knowing your sacraments are not celebrated properly, and that truly reverent Catholics are hundreds of kilometers away, judging you for even being near a Mass with guitars. I can imagine this is a small fraction of the mental suffering which the damned in Hell must go through.

I seriously hate being alive when around anyone, but it's nice when I'm alone. I often wonder if I'd feel nervous around our Lord, even if He came in silence and love to embrace me without judgment.

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