Has the Church ever declared on anti-depressants and other such pills?
Kendo looks very lovely, since the entire body is covered and you look anonymous. There's something about being exposed, open, seen, or known by people that is a big reason for staying inside. No one can see you when the door's closed and the curtains are drawn round. Kendo is slow, deliberate, patient, and very tactical. There's something lovely about it... but I'd be far too embarrassed about it. Also, I'm sure there are some weird pagan spiritual practices attached to meditating beforehand.

To mix Kendo with Catholic spirituality of strengthening myself through Christ, now that would be glorious. Have a rosary wrapped around your blade, LOL.

Quote:A lot of people would be dead if they didn't take medications. Taken far enough, your reasoning would make medical care sinful - but the Bible praises physicians: see Ecclesiasticus (AKA Ben Sira) 38. Were the healing worked by Jesus sinful ? They can be said to have changed "the personality, the character, the humanity that God" gave people - no ?

Hey, our Lord can change the character of anyone's body if it's for the glory of God. Putting pills in me to change the chemicals which my soul acts through in the body sounds very iffy, by comparison. :(

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