Has the Church ever declared on anti-depressants and other such pills?
(09-27-2011, 01:37 AM)Laetare Wrote: Going to Mass of any kind is pure mental torture for him, because it is outside, beyond safety - he cannot even trust his best friends not to glare at him and laugh at him in their hearts. He cannot become a saint without joy, peace, and doing the will of God.

I often wonder if pills change the personality, the character, the humanity that God has given us. Isn't it an insult to God to say "thanks for this body, but I'd rather it was another way so I'll augment and correct your errors"? This is how I feel about such pills and corrective medicine. How restricting, how suffocating. What does Holy Church say, from its eagle-eye view, not my personal interpretation of life?

Getting the proper medication might be part of what God wants someone to do in order to more easily go to Mass!

It is not showing ingratitude to God to work to make the sick body well!  God permits illness, but  not because He intends us to do nothing about it.! We are meant to fight illness because God wants us to be well.   The mind is spiritual, but it is associated with a physical brain, which can be ill.  God gives us various means to fight illness, but these change over time as medicine progresses. 

Do you refuse to take aspirin? I hope not!  Yet even aspirin can change your mood a bit.   It doesn't change your humanity, and neither do other drugs.  Yes they have a far greater effect, that temporarily affects external character but they are fighting a far greater illness - because of a sick brain (physical) your mind is seeing a distorted reality.  Do you think God wants that? Is that a part of your character?

Yes drugs may sometimes have an awful impact.  But consider an analogy with a surgeon. When a surgeon operates, sometimes he tragically makes a mistake and kills a patient.  Should surgery be prohibited?  Or will people continue to have surgery because the risk of death is greater without it?   The doctor and patient don't choose surgery as the first thing, but rather work on life style, etc, but they may resort to it as a last measure.  The same thing is true with drugs for mental issues. Working on the spiritual life comes first and foremost  and always, and exercise and good health come next.  But I think that drugs, properly administered over time, can sometimes prevent terrible things that are caused by something in the brain, not just in the soul. 

It is true, though, that the brain is so closely related with the mind (spiritual), that much fiddling with the brain chemistry would not be wise. But if  your brain/mind is so disturbed that
you can't live your life (and your spiritual life) anything like normally, and if your priest and doctor agree, it might be time for extreme measures, praying as you go.

People these days rush to get drugs, and totally ignore the spiritual life.   That is not the thing to do  But don't throw out any of the means that God gives us to get well.


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