Girl Banned from Wearing Rosary - Vows to 'Stand up for Jesus'
Well a girl in a public  school poorly cstachized
noo shit
i taught public school, h.s., and am so glad i'm not teaching there now.  lots of problems.  

if you ban one thing, the troublemaking kids will come up with another code item to wear.  

i always favored private-school style uniforms, with white woven shirts tucked into grey or tan slacks (skirts for females) and navy or dark green blazers, with the name of the school on a crest on the blazer lapel.

i think female students and teachers might need to be allowed to wear slacks as part of the uniform on some days. i'm thinking of pep rally days when the kids and teachers have to climb up on bleachers, giving male students (and teachers!  :laughing: ) too much opportunity to look up skirts.  girls need to learn how to wear skirts again and deal with those situations.  or it could be culottes for pep rallies, that would probably be unpopular.

and, yes, i favor uniforms for teachers as well as students, and did so when i was teaching public school because having a uniform to wear to work makes life easier -- and because it deflates the argument of all the kids and parents who are sure the teachers won't wear a uniform!

i did a search about school uniforms and found that wiki-how has an article on how to look better in your school uniform and in the abstract it mentioned dyeing your hair a wild color, if your school allows it.
i thought 'great.'  i don't mind wild-colored hair, it can look great, but it would be a huge distraction in the classroom. so i went over and skimmed over the page.

a lot of the suggestions were ok, some were mild suggestions to push the envelope "put different-colored hair bands on your wrist, they can't complain about you having extra hair scrunchies."
oh, yeah?  "take those things off your wrist."  "why?"  "because i can read wiki-how, too."  

but you have to read most of a lengthy page before you come to this:

6. Try and undo half of the buttons on your school top (if you have them) and wear a singlet top underneath. This can make you look like you willing to put out for guys and they will love you!!!

not a good message for middle school and high school girls.

worse, at the time i was reading this, there was a photo of a man on the right edge of the page and the text said something like, 'hi, i'm a member of the community here.'

now, i'm 64 years old and my first thought was "ick, old man, get away from me."

he may be a very nice man but it was creepy to see his photo on a page aimed solely at young girls.

(10-04-2011, 01:52 PM)Grasshopper Wrote: Nobody (except GottmitunsAlex) seems to have noticed the silliness of her statement in defense of wearing the Rosary:
Quote:"I'm thinking of how Jesus died on the cross and how he gave up all his sins for us."

She's either not very bright, or she was very poorly catechized.

or she was nervous about talking to a reporter.  adults commonly misspeak when talking to reporters, especially if they're being photographed, too.  her parents should check her out on that part of salvation history, though, make sure she has it straight.


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