Guardian Angel cartoon premiers Oct 14th
For the kid in all of us. :bubbles:

On October 14, “The Great Miracle” opens in the U.S. and Mexico. It's a cartoon in 3D that follows three guardian angels who come to the aid of a young widow, a desperate bus driver and an elderly person living without hope. The arrival of the angels allows them to see the terrible struggle between good and evil that occurs around them.

It looks so bad that I couldn't even click on the YouTube video
great concept but horrible animation.

I dunno....
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Go thy ways, old Jack;
die when thou wilt, if manhood, good manhood, be
not forgot upon the face of the earth, then am I a
shotten herring. There live not three good men
unhanged in England; and one of them is fat and
grows old: God help the while! a bad world, I say.
I would I were a weaver; I could sing psalms or any
thing. A plague of all cowards, I say still.
Did they make this with the Sims?

(serious question)
Just learned the original is in Spanish - the lip synch is much, much better in that language. Still, the animation is a tad ancient for 2011. Who cares, though? If it is child-like, hopeful, naieve, idealistic, innocent, and heroic, who cares how primitive it is? :) Golden faith before appearances...
Actually it doesn't look bad.  Especially compared to some of the other crap on TV these days.
I understand from at least one reviewer that the music to this movie is really fantastic (and not just for kids):

You can listen to part of the soundtrack here.  I think it is beautiful.

Might 4 Right, your avatar needed help from his Guardian Angel, with that haircut. His father must've whacked him one good. I'm not a movie or art critic so I was taken by it. I liked it when they showed their wings.


Well kids certainly aren't going to get all fired up with that soothing music.  It may even put them into dreamland where they can imagine they are Michael the Archangel defending the Christian world against evil.  Not bad at all.  Good stuff for a change.

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